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aimsThe aim of education in our school during the formative years begins with the conceptualizing of two ideas- First to conceptualize the type of person we wish to produce and second to acclimatize to the kind of person we consider best.

Fear and Punishment is avoided since force may prove inimical to its progress as shown by Freudian concepts. The School is an embodiment of human spirit and repository of trust and unflinching faith.

Good education is child’s fundamental right, it should not be allowed to become the exclusive preserve of rich. History testifies to the fact that the talent is not the monopoly of the rich. With this background in mind we stride assiduously towards creating an egalitarian education system which bridges the gap between haves and have-nots. While satisfying the usual curriculum requirements, the school aims at developing a tolerant, balanced and an independent attitude of mind.

The child has lifetime of learning ahead and the school provides them with the kind of foundation that will make all formal education more effective. The purpose is to develop children as unique human beings.

Our motto is to produce citizens of a strong moral character and high principles, values and beliefs that will help them and guide them throughout their life. The curriculum helps the students develop a scientific temper and sense of enquiry, consciousness towards the environment, health and hygiene.

While inculcating the best Indian culture and tradition among its pupils and giving them the highest academic study, the school aims at developing in them a sense of discipline and team spirit to overcome social communal, provincial and linguistic prejudices and help them become the leaders of the society in their future lives.